Sunday, March 1, 2009

i Love ChOCoLaTe... MuAhhhh

I LoVe ChOCoLaTe....

What can I say? I love chocolate; I am a chocolate connoisseur. I believe that there is one Universal and International truth: chocolate is pure heaven for women and just another food for men. You can watch a woman melt into the experience of a piece of chocolate. Her shoulders relax and her eyes roll back and close, as she fully experiences her chocolate with a smile from ear to ear. It is like the world vanishes and peace engulfs the woman. I have watched stress, hurt, frustration and worry dissolve from the very frame of woman when she bites into a piece of chocolate. On the other hand watching a man eat chocolate is a disgrace. They chew the divine chocolate as if they do not even notice that heaven itself has brought them this gift.

The Good Stuff Chocolate Contains

Hormones and Emotions:

Chocolate is believed to be an unconscious attempt to keep hormone levels more steady. During PMS most women crave chocolate. The long standing debate is whether the cravings answer the body’s physical or psychological call for chocolate. Some believe that is all in our minds and we are feeding a guilty pleasure at our weakest moment. Others believe that our bodies crave some of the more than 400 chemicals found in chocolate, many of which affect mood.

The chemicals in chocolate affect levels of the body's mood-affecting chemicals, including serotonin, endorphins, theobromine and phenylethylamine. Serotonin is a chemical messenger in the brain that affects emotions, behavior, and thought. Endorphines are chemicals in the brain that are responsible for positive moods. Theobromine is stimulant found in cocoa which gives chocolate mood elevating effects. Phenylethylamine is a naturally occuring neuroamine which has been shown to relieve depression, increase attention and promote energy. Your body releases phenylethylamine in response to romance.

Health, Physically and Emotionally Speaking:

As it turns out chocolate really is good for the heart. According to new studies the antioxidants in dark chocolate may increase "good" HDL cholesterol levels as much as ten percent. The trick is to find a dark chocolate with a minimum content of 70% chocolate solids. Two ounces per day have been found to be beneficial to your health, providing protection against heart disease, high blood pressure and has as many cancer fighting antioxidants as a glass of wine.

Chocolate contains essential trace elements, naturally occurring chemicals and nutrients such as iron, calcium, catechins, magnesium, potassium, flavonoids and vitamins A. B1, B2, C, D, and E. I actually, even found studies proving that that dark chocolate can be a powerful cough supressant, treat diarrhea and stave off artery hardening in smokers. Most importantly, I have found that treating myself to two pieces of dark chocolate has kept me faithfully eating healthy and organic, and I never feel the need to binge or break my good habits because I never feel deprived.

Skin Deep:

When I was a teenager I was told that chocolate causes acne. Thankfully, that is no longer the prevailing belief. Chocolate in moderation has no ill effect on your skin. To make matters even better the cocoa bean contains cocoa butter which really is something you can rub all over yourself and bathe in. Cocoa butter softens and lubricates the skin and leaves every skin type feeling and smelling like a piece of heaven. Any time you chose a cocoa butter or chocolate themed body product, make sure that the scent comes from the pure raw cocoa butter. Try some of the wonderous products made with real cocoa butter for a true treat.

Essential Wholesale offers a wide varity of products that showcase the wonders of cocoa butter. My favorites include: Chocolate Mint Creme, Chocolate Orange Creme, Cocoa Butter Creme, Chocolate Mint Lotion, and Cocoa Butter Lotion. All of these feature the fabulous aroma of cocoa butter. For the texture and moisturization of cocoa butter without the cocoa butter aroma the Exotic Butter Creme is a wonderful choice.