Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pLeAse StAy WiTh Me

I feel something in my heart
And I pray that it's true
My heart feels sublime love
For a special you.
I see your face
And I can't bear to see it go
I want to tell you my inner feelings
From my heart unknown.

We just met
But I'm already falling
I want to climb stars with you
Stay with me, my darling.
You've made me smile
And I never want to be alone.
You are my light
That shines through my heart unknown.

I've trusted this heart
With its weak beliefs
Let it lead me to safety
And also drown me.
Now I think
The feeling you have shown
Are exact replicas
Of what's inside my heart unknown.

Now that you know
I'm completely yours
I want to hold your hand
And unlocked all locked doors.
I want us to love
And I need us to grow.
You are everything to me
My heart now known.